About Us

Combat Veteran Owned and Operated

Our mission is to manufacture, customize, and sell high-quality AR parts and accessories that will make you feel like Billy Badass every time you pull the trigger.

 All parts, and accessories are manufactured and customized using the industries finest equipment and materials. The parts and accessories are built to be for hard use, duty, and competition but still allow customization per you guys' imagination. 

We want customers that are adults, primarily military/veterans, law enforcement, and Second Amendment supporters who want products that will withstand anything that is thrown at it, aesthetically pleasing, but is as customizable as their imagination. 

Although the AR industry is highly competitive, we believe that there is a place for high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, durable, affordable, and customizable parts and accessories. Our goal is to manufacture and market parts, and accessories that will please our customers and last a lifetime.

Just one question left to ask yourself... Do you have the Bulls?!


- Your friendly neighborhood Moose Knuckle staff