BMT Enhanced Fire Control Group - w/ Speed Hammer - Gold TiN

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The Bull Moose Tactical Enhanced Fire Control Group includes everything you need to drop in your already completed AR lower receiver so you can pew pew more accurately and faster than all your tacticool friends.

Now includes our long awaited Speed Hammer! No more worries about light primer strikes with any ammo. Reduces the lock up time for increased accuracy and reliability.

  • TiN Skeletonized Trigger w/ Pre Polished Contact Surface
  • Speed Hammer
  • Disconnector
  • Reduced Power Springs (3-3.5lbs)
*Break in period may be required. You may experience the hammer not resetting properly after installation. Simply dry fire and force reset a few times, or cycle through a few magazines.*
*Kits are no longer included with the trigger/hammer pins. This decision was made so we did not have to increase prices*

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